Band Cutter – TUF 1343

Band Cutter TUF 1343 for Stainless Steel up to 33 x 2.5mm: Standard Blade

Band Cutter

Band Cutter

Vibration Level:

<2.5 m/s

Tool description

  • Easy to use
  • Quick operation
  • Lightweight
  • Low air consumption
  • Few moving parts
  • Low vibration value
  • Low noise level
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Model Max. Air Pressure Cutting Head Cutting Capacity Cutting Force Length weight
TUF 1343 7 BAR D 33 x 2.5mm 14.5Kn 266mm 1.5 Kg


The TUF 1343 is a pneumatic band cutter that is ideal for use on stainless steel band up to 33 x 2.5mm. It uses an air hydraulic system which means that the tool runs silently and has a very low vibration level. Used in many industries from de-banding stations to wire mesh and manufacturing processes, the TUF 1343 is a reliable and affordable means of replacing manual cutting methods in your business. Comes with a safety trigger so the tool cannot be accidentally activated.

Please see the TUF 1655 for different tool options.

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