TUF 1496

TUF 1496 Balancer Unit 3 - 5 kg
TUF 1496

Balancing Unit – 3 – 5 kg

Vibration Level:

<2.5 m/s

Tool description

  • ABS plastic, smooth, tough, casing-easy to clean
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Auxiliary safety suspension
  • Easy to use tension control for accurate adjustment to suit the load
  • Rotating load clip prevents the cable twisting
  • Inert spring drum assembly for safety
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Model Product Load Range Cable Extension  Weight Dimensions (mm)
TUF 1496 Tool Balancer 3-5 Kg 1.8 M  1.6 Kg 115 x 220.4 x 70.5


The TUF 1496 Balancer retractor is designed in such a way that retraction force increases as the cable is extended. As a result, the attached tool is returned to its starting position by the retractor after use, leaving the workbench free for other tools or items of equipment. An assurance of precision work is provided by the shallow rising graph representing the progressive increase in spring force. The use of special plastics for the housing and cable drum, combined with specially selected material for the spring, makes these models the ideal aid at the workbench.

Recommended to be

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