TUF 1372

TUF 1372 Circular Saw: 50mm Blade

Circular Saw

Vibration Level:

<2.5 m/s

Tool description

  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Guide grove on the front of the tool
  • Low level vibration
  • Safety trigger
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Model Blade Type RPM Max. Cutting Depth Working Pressure Length Air Cons. weight
TUF 1372 HSS 3000 10 mm 7 Bar 245mm 7.5 l/s 1.4 Kg


The TUF 1372 is an air hydraulic circular saw with an adjustable cutting depth of up to 10 mm. Sawing can be carried out from the centre of the plate surface. A guide groove is positioned on the front of the tool, which makes it easy to cut in a straight line. Efficient damping and small tolerances for all components minimise the vibrations and ensure a high level of operational reliability. The function handle is fitted with safety guards. There is also a plastic hood over the saw head which insulates the head against the chill from the hydraulic air, amongst other things.

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