Circular Saw Blades

TUF 303 for Mild Steel up to 4mm: Heavy Duty Blade

Tool description

  • HSS circular saw blade available
  • Diamond┬ácircular saw blade available

Saw Blade Selection

Type T.P.I Diameter Material to be cut Part number
HSS Circular Saw Blade 92 50mm Mild Sheet 69600830
HSS Circular Saw Blade 62 50mm Steel/General Purpose 69600830
HSS Circular Saw Blade 34 50mm Perspex/Plastic Aluminium 69600830
HSS Circular Saw Blade Diamond 50mm Stainless Steel 69600830


Please enquire about specific applications and we will recommend a suitable blade type.

Recommended to be

purchased with:

TUF 1372

TUF 1372 – Pneumatic Circular Saw