TUF 1731

TUF 1731 Stand, Foot Pedal and Hose

Vibration Level:

5.2 m/s

Tool description

  • Easy to use
  • Quick operation
  • Lightweight
  • Low air consumption
  • Few moving parts
  • Low vibration value
  • Low noise level
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Model Max. Air Pressure Copper Steel Piano Weight Length
TUF 303 6 BAR 4.8mm 4.0mm – mm 1.1kg  345mm


The TUF 1731 is a robust stand, foot pedal and air hose used to give a hand free operation for our range of Pneumatic Wire Cutter. Used in many industries from de-wiring stations to wire mesh and manufacturing processes the TUF 1731 is a reliable and affordable means of having safe, hands free cutting solutions in your business.

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