TUF 1762

TUF 1762 Cut Capacity 180 x 240mm: Different Blades are available
TUF 1762

Large Hydraulic Band Saw

Vibration Level:

2.7 m/s

Tool description

  • Fully guarded to meet P.U.W.E.R
  • ATEX┬áII2GcT6 compliant
  • Hydraulic driven – 140 Bar
  • Variable speed
  • Vibration level: 2.7 m/s
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Model Operating Pressure Motor Oil Flow Round Cap. Rectangle Cap. Weight
TUF 1762 140 Bar 1.5 kW 12-50 l/min 180mm 180mm x 240mm 16.1kg


The TUF 1762 Large Hydraulic Band Saw has a stainless steel body and a fully guarded saw band. It is an ideal tool for cutting Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, super Alloy, Chrome, Inconel, Tool Steels. High heat and wear resistance giving longer life, fewer blade changes and a faster cutting rate.

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