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Foot Pedal with Stand & Hose

Pneumatic Rod Cutter

Foot Pedal & Stand – TUF 1520


Tool description:

 Suitable for hands free operation in areas were two hands are required to manipulate cut piece.
  • Foot Pedal
  • Wire cutter stand
  • Suitable for TUF 303/304/305/1339/1498
  • Lightweight
  • Low air consumption
  • Low vibration value
  • Low noise level

Model Stand Weight Dia. Foot Pedal Weight Air Pressure
TUF 1520 0.6kg 60mm 1.0kg 6 Bar
TUF 1525 0.6kg 68mm 1.0kg 6 Bar
TUF 1526 0.6kg 68mm 1.0kg 6 Bar
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